Decoration ideas with recycled pallets

We would like to introduce you to eco-design, an easy, ecofriendly and stylish way to decorate your home with style. Here are some ideas for decorating with recycled pallets, the latest trend in home decoration. Recycling and reusing, as well as being a way of caring for the environment, will give your home a super chic and personal style.

At Bodegas Murillo Viteri we are aware of the need to take care of our planet. That is why respect for the environment, sustainability and recycling are part of our DNA. We have not hesitated to join this trend, as decorating with recycled pallets allows us to give them a second life after having been used to store wine in the cellar. Welcome ecodiseno!

Decoration ideas with recycled pallets:

Armchairs and sofas with pallets

Creating a sofa or armchair using recycled pallets is not only a great idea to give a vintage and original touch to your home, but it is also very easy to do. You can customise it in any way you like, from a simple two-seater to a chaise longue. Depending on the height you want, you will have to put a single pallet for a low sofa, or two or three pallets on top of each other for a sofa with more height. For the seats, we recommend using individual mattresses and large cushions. A good choice for any kind of place: hall, living room, terrace, garden… use your imagination!

decoration with pallets

Stylishly decorated beds

Decorating with recycled pallets is also very cosy in bedrooms, both for children and adults. We can make a bedstead for the bed using several wooden pallets, which we can paint beforehand to give a warmer touch to the room. Then, we will put the mattress on top and we will decorate it with the blankets and bedspreads that we like the most. Another option for decorating your bedroom is to use the pallet as a headboard. They are a great success as they are very easy to make and you can personalise them with phrases, photos, painting drawings… Dare to try!

decoration with pallets

Recycled side tables

One of the most successful ideas for decorating with pallets are tables with recycled pallets. Depending on the height of the table, one or two pallets will be enough. We recommend sanding the surface and then painting it in the colour of your choice or simply varnishing it. You can place the pallet directly on the floor, but a very useful option for the most handy people is to add wheels, so you can move it easily. To give a distinguished touch to the decoration with pallets, place a glass on top of the table. As well as being very easy to make, economical and very tasteful, it is also useful! You can use the holes inside the pallet to store magazines or books.

Decoration with pallets 3

What do you think of these decoration ideas? Your creativity and your manual skills will be your only limits. Come to Bodegas Murillo Viteri or contact us to get the pallets you need, this is your home and we will be delighted to help you and collaborate with you. Give pallets a second life and dare to create your own furniture!

Bodegas Murillo Viteri – Rioja Wines

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