Patxi Leku

Patxi Leku

Leku is the “showman” of the winery par excellence. His good humor and kindness are evident every day in the cellar. One of his many hobbies is music. You can see him at any nearby party playing a DJ (what used to be called a lifelong DJ).

His other passion is motoring. He loves classic cars and Alfa Romeos, but above all, Leku is the number one fan of Valentino Rossi (whom he knows personally, he will tell you the story!).

This fondness for gasoline led him to dedicate himself with passion to the logistics of the winery.

He is an efficient, responsible and reliable partner. Do not worry, if he tells you that you will have your wine the next day, he assumes that it will be. If you have to drive 1000 km to do so, you will be delighted.

He is very perfectionist at work. Sometimes, we lovingly scold him from his colleagues for being so thorough with loads, routes and vehicles.

He is very friendly and cordial with customers. If you come to the winery you will see him recording any anecdote with his mobile and posting it on social networks. He always ends these videos with a smile and his farewell phrase “and a two three moulinex mincer”.