How to store wine at home

Whether you are a wine lover or simply open a bottle from time to time, in almost every home there are several bottles of wine. As a wine lover, you may have often wondered whether you are storing your wine properly to keep it in perfect condition. We advise you to follow these simple tips and tricks to maintain the quality and preserve the wine at home.

Temperature, humidity and storage place

The ideal temperature for storing wine at home is between 14º and 18º. Look for a place in the house where there are no sudden changes in temperature, such as a pantry, storeroom or cellar. Thermal jumps are the ones that really harm wine, so we advise against storing wine in the kitchen (the temperature rises considerably when cooking).

As for relative humidity, it should be between 70% and 80%. This is so that the cork does not get damp or dry out, which could cause it to deteriorate and allow oxygen to enter. Excessive humidity should also be avoided, as this could lead to mould.

The storage place to preserve wine at home in an optimal way should be dark. Keep your wine away from direct sunlight and fluorescent lighting. Although most wine cellars use dark glass to avoid this, it is advisable not to expose them to direct light. UV rays can produce chemical reactions in the wine, such as oxidation in the wine, which can produce undesired aromas.

Finally, it is important to ensure that the storage place is well ventilated. The aeration or ventilation of the place where the wine is stored is an important and necessary factor, since bad smells can contaminate the wine.

How to store wine at home

How to store wine bottles

Regarding their storage, a key factor for keeping wine at home is the position of the bottles. We recommend always storing them horizontally, so that the wine is in contact with the cork and prevents it from drying out. If you store the wine vertically, the cork may dry out, which will cause it to lose its hermetic seal and elasticity and allow air to enter.

To preserve the wine perfectly, it is important to move the bottles as little as possible. Avoid possible vibrations, such as those from generators, engines or heavy traffic to guarantee a good rest.

We advise you to store them in such a way that it is not necessary to move one bottle to reach another. With the exception of certain wines that require a very long period of bottle ageing, always store new bottles below the old ones and give priority to the older ones for consumption. You don’t have to keep your wines for a long time, we’ll do it for you 🙂

keeping wine at home

Finally, bear in mind that not all wines improve with the passing of time. You will have to take into account the vintage, the origin, the type of grape, the ageing, and the place where it has been stored. It is advisable to buy wine directly from wineries, where the bottles are always stored in the best conditions for optimum conservation. Even so, at Bodegas Murillo Viteri we advise you that when you really like a wine, just drink it.

Don’t save it for the ideal occasion, make any occasion ideal.

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