5 characteristics of a good red wine

A good wine is, above all, a wine that we like. Each person has different tastes, so the most important thing is that we like it and enjoy it. In the same way, a wine may not be faulty and yet we do not like it. This is totally subjective and we encourage you to have your own criteria, even if you are not an expert in the matter. Even so, there are some characteristics of a good red wine that must be fulfilled, because the great majority of the palates qualify as positive the following characteristics:


It is one of the main characteristics of a good red wine. Balance refers to the relationship between the four essential elements of wine: tannin, acidity, alcohol and sugar. When these four components are in harmony and none stands out above the other, we will find ourselves in front of a balanced wine. Tannin and acidity are elements that harden the wine, while alcohol and sugar soften it. A balanced wine will have a balance of its harder and softer aspects, which coexist in perfect harmony.

Characteristics of a good red wine


Depth is another characteristic of a good red wine. It refers to the fact that the wine seems to have underground layers of flavour, i.e. it is not flat in the mouth and one-dimensional on the palate. The depth of a wine is undoubtedly a symptom of quality. Just as balance refers to the harmony of the main elements of the wine (sweetness, acidity, tannin and alcohol), depth is based on the presence of these elements. A wine without acidity, with a minimum alcohol content or without tannins, therefore, will not be considered a deep wine.


The length of a wine refers to the fact that it tastes throughout the palate. A wine with a long finish focuses all its flavour on the tongue and is sustained even after it has been swallowed. A wine with a good length, therefore, is intense and imprints its full flavour in the mouth. A wine with a short finish, on the other hand, can produce a great impression at the beginning, but quickly loses its intensity when swallowed.


Characteristics of a good red wine 2


A wine with character is one that reflects its own personality, that is to say, it has its own distinctive characteristics of its category. One of the elements that define the character of a wine is the “terroir”. A wine with character will reflect the characteristics obtained from its terroir, such as the grape varieties, the climate, the altitude, the soil, the aromas?


Finally, complexity is another characteristic of a good red wine. First of all, a complex wine does not mean that it is difficult to drink or complicated to pair, far from it! In the case of Bodegas Murillo Viteri we make smooth, round and easy to drink wines, but with a complexity that gives them a multitude of nuances. A complex wine is, therefore, one that has a very diverse range of flavours behind it. They are wines that present a multitude of nuances, both in the olfactory and gustatory phase, finding different tones and notes in their aromas. Normally, a wine tends to gain complexity the longer it is aged, as new aromas and flavours are acquired, as in the case of Reserva Murillo Viteri, a real experience for your senses!

As we have already told you many times, the best wine is the one that starts and ends with a smile, but these are the main characteristics of a good red wine, which in general most consumers appreciate. We encourage you to taste and taste as many wines as possible to discover all the nuances of a good Rioja red wine. Cheers friends!

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