Why most wine bottles are green?

Surely you have noticed when visiting any wine cellar or wine shop: most of the wine bottles are green, dark green or, directly, dark shades. Is it a coincidence?

green wine bottles

Green wine bottles are not the result of chance. Wine is a delicate beverage with many nuances, it is often said to be “alive”, as it continues to evolve and vary over time.

The optimal moment to consume each wine will vary depending on the type of wine, ageing, and storage conditions, so the characteristics of the bottle are a very important factor. Our responsibility is to provide the best conditions for each wine to develop its full potential.

The main reason for the green colour is that the bottle must protect the wine against light. The green colour of the bottles, due to its shade, can filter up to 60% of the radiation and thus protect the wine.

The origin of the colour of the wine bottles is actually due to the fact that in the past there were no methods of filtering and removing impurities from the glass as there are today, so that it remained a cloudy and amber colour. Over the years we have seen that this defect actually offered an advantage for the preservation of the wine.

In addition to the historical and protective motive, there are other reasons that determine the colour of wine bottles. Nowadays, glass can be coloured in any colour, depending on aesthetic, marketing or economic factors. The reality is that each winery decides the exact shade of its bottles according to its objectives, although the most common is to find white or rosé wines in white or transparent bottles and red wines in green.

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