6 false myths about white wine

Today in our blog we will debunk some myths about white wine, as a lot of things have been said about this type of wine, some of them completely unfounded. White wine is full of stereotypes, for example, that white wine is for women, that it gives you a headache or that the best white wine is a red wine. Wrong! Let’s dismantle some of the false beliefs that have been built around this incredible wine.

White wine myths

White wine has less diversity of aromas and flavours than red wines.

White wine has more and more followers, and more and more wineries are producing this type of wine. Depending on the grape chosen for its production, we can find a wide range of types of white wine. A Verdejo white wine, a German Riesling, a wine from Jerez, a Galician Albariño or a Viura from La Rioja, as in the case of the Murillo Viteri white wine, will have nothing to do with each other. The variety among the whites is enormous, with a wide range of aromas, nuances and flavours. Dare to discover them!

They have less alcohol than red wines

This statement about white wine is only true in the case of sweet white wines, due to the fact that fermentation is stopped earlier than in red wines. Nowadays, on the other hand, it is more common to find dry white wines, which are fermented until the end and have almost as much alcohol as young red wines. In the case of the Murillo Viteri white wine, it is a smooth wine of 13.5º.

They should always be drunk very cold

Believing that cold is always good is one of the typical myths of white wine. Although it is true that some very young and acid white wines can be drunk very cold, the ideal temperature is around 12º. At this temperature we will be able to appreciate aromatic qualities that below 8º will be damaged and compromised. On the other hand, it is important to know the right way to chill wine, so that it does not lose its qualities.

For cheeses, nothing like a red wine!

It has always been thought that cheeses go best with red wine, but white wines have nothing to envy. In the case of very mature cheeses or blue cheese, it is true that they go better with red wine. For other types of cheese, on the other hand, white wine is an excellent accompaniment, such as brie and more tender cheeses.

White wine does not age well

It is true that white wine is lighter than red wine, as it does not undergo less maceration, and that it is more commonly drunk within the year. Even so, it is an erroneous myth to think that it does not age well, as there are many types of white wines with crianza and even with reserve and several years of ageing in the bottle. It has been proven that for certain white wines, the time spent in the barrel gives them a delicious texture and aromas.

White wine myths 2

White wine only goes well with fish or rice dishes.

This is one of the most widespread myths about white wine, because although it is true that white wine generally goes well with fish and rice, we must bear in mind that there are countless other options. White wines go perfectly with more substantial recipes such as poultry stew, soups, pâtés or pasta. Pairing is a very personal matter, take a chance and try it.

White wine myths 3

Without a doubt, the most important thing is that everyone finds the type of wine they like the most and enjoys discovering new wines. Did you know these myths about white wine? Would you add any other urban legend about these wines?

Bodegas Murillo Viteri – Rioja Wines

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