7 false myths about wine

Today we bring you 7 myths about wine that are not entirely true. As in many other fields, there are some myths in the world of wine that have become established as popular beliefs. These ideas, after being repeated several times, have taken root in our minds, making many people consider them to be indisputable truths. Nothing could be further from the truth. Below, we will shed light on 10 myths about wine that you should bear in mind:

1. The older the wine, the better

It doesn’t have to be. It will depend on the type of wine, as only some wines have the capacity to improve their quality with ageing. In the case of most wines, on the other hand, the ideal is to drink them in the time that the winery establishes as adequate. Most wines have an optimum drinking time, after which you may regret not having drunk them sooner. Bodegas Murillo Viteri informs you that our Crianza Murillo Viteri and Reserva Murillo Viteri can evolve positively in the bottle and maintain their properties after being kept for 4 or 8 years, respectively. In the case of our young wines, on the other hand, we advise you to enjoy them within a maximum of one year.

2. Red is for meat and white is for fish

This is one of the most widespread myths about wine. Although it is true that red wine goes better with stronger dishes and white wine with milder dishes, oily fish goes perfectly with a red wine, and white meat goes perfectly with a white wine. In short, the best way to pair a wine with a meal is to analyse and combine the flavours. Dare to experiment!


false myths about wine

3. Red wine is served at room temperature

If you are in the Pyrenees in winter or in Seville in summer, the room temperature will not be the most ideal for serving wine. Common sense. A hint? The ideal temperature for crianza reds is 15-16 degrees, while young wines can be served at 12-14 degrees. White wine, on the other hand, should be served cooler, at an average temperature of 8-10 degrees.

4. Cava or champagne is only for desserts

This is another of the most common myths about wine, as we usually use cava or champagne to accompany desserts and to toast at the end of the meal. We tend to associate these sparkling wines with celebrations and toasts after hearty meals, but that does not mean that we should pigeonhole these delicious wines only for those occasions. Both a good cava and a good champagne are ideal to drink at the beginning of a good meal, as their finesse and exquisiteness will be better appreciated.

5. If the stopper is not made of cork, the wine is bad

We are very used to traditional corks, but screwcaps can be a good choice for some young wines. The cultural component is also very important, as there are countries where consumers do not perceive it as a bad quality feature, as in the UK. In the case of Reserva Murillo Viteri we use only natural and agglomerated corks, as they are the ones that best maintain the properties of our wines.

6. Open the bottle of wine to let it breathe

Wine needs oxygenation, there is no doubt about that, but opening the bottle and leaving it uncorked will not do much for us, as there is very little that can pass through the small surface of the neck of the bottle to the wine. The right thing to do for certain types of wine is to decant it (pour the contents into a clean container, ideally a glass one) to allow it to aerate and oxygenate. In the case of young wine, it should come into contact with oxygen so that it can develop its high tannic content and enhance the fruity aromas. In the case of very old wines, it is also interesting to decant them to separate any sediment or small sediment that may have formed.

Wine false myths

7. Expensive wines are the best

Finally, another of the most widespread wine myths is that we are guided exclusively by price and we assume that the more expensive a wine is, the better it will be. But this is not always the case. At Bodegas Murillo Viteri we offer the best quality Rioja wines, made by our family with care and attention, at a great price, as they come from the winery directly to your home, without going through large supermarkets or warehouses that increase the price by adding their margin.

Do you know more myths about wine?

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