What do we get from grapes?

Grapes are one of the best and most marvellous fruits that nature gives us, and not only because it is thanks to them that we obtain wine, but also because their use is so extensive that everything is used. Grapes, apart from being a healthy and nutritious food, are mainly known as a raw material for wine production. But that’s not all, as with pork, there is nothing we don’t use grapes for – they have everything it takes to become our favourite fruit!

We have made several groups with all the uses we have come up with, but due to our commitment to reuse, reduce and recycle, we are sure we will soon find some new uses for them 🙂


We start with the most obvious use, as it is thanks to this wonderful fruit that we are able to make Murillo Viteri wines and we are what we are. That is why we strive every day to be as sustainable as possible, taking care of our land and pampering each vineyard. You can find all our wines in our Wine Shop.


The positive effects of wine on our health have been known since ancient Greece, due to its richness in flavonoids, polyphenols and resveratrol, three of the most important antioxidants contained in grapes. In addition to being a good ally for our cardiovascular system, for years its use has been extending to pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields. It is very common to find make-up, such as blushers or lipsticks, with ingredients from the grapevine. On the other hand, we also use grapes to make anti-ageing treatments, because they contain a great antioxidant power, vitamin E and are regenerating.

What do we get from grapes

The vine shoots after pruning

Wine begins in the vine, the plant where the bunches of grapes are born, from which we also take advantage of everything. Pruning is a long and very important process that will determine the quality of the grapes each year. After pruning we use the vine shoots as firewood to roast the delicious lamb chops. They give such a characteristic and pleasant touch that the chops roasted in the cellar are unique. On the other hand, the crushed vine shoots are also used as fertiliser for agriculture. On the other hand, when the plant is born and tender, it is often the desired object of rabbits. Cattle eat the tender shoots for their sugar content.

Endless use in the kitchen

In addition to its use as a fruit, grapes are also used for numerous recipes and cooking purposes. Grape jam, grape biscuits or grape bonbons are delicious. Grape must or grape juice is an energetic and refreshing drink, ideal for snacks or appetizers. In Turkish restaurants, it is also very common to use vine leaves stuffed with food.

Spirits, marc and liqueurs

In addition to being the raw material for making wine, grapes are also used as a base for other beverages. They are very common in the production of marc, liqueurs and vinegars of all kinds. Distilled wine such as brandy or cognac, vermouth for aperitifs, or mistela to accompany desserts are some of the most popular drinks.


After the harvest and once in the winery, the next step is to de-stem and crush the grapes. After separating the berries from the stems, this residue is dried to give it a second life. It is very useful as a fuel in biomass power plants.

Grape seed oil

This vegetable oil is extracted by cold pressing grape seeds. It is an oil widely used in the preparation of vinaigrettes or in the maceration of meats, although it is not the ideal oil for frying. Grape seed oil is also used to improve skin health by combating acne, treating dry skin and rejuvenating skin tissue. It is also an oil suitable for strengthening eyelashes.

What do we get from grapes

Did you know these uses for grapes? We are sure we have forgotten some applications, but we are open to complete the list with your contributions, can you think of any other use?

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