6 tips for a wine tasting at home

One of the best ways to discover and taste wine is surrounded by those you love, so organising a wine tasting at home with your friends or family seems to us to be a perfect plan. You will learn and enjoy in equal parts, as you will improve your knowledge of wine while having fun.

Although it may seem complicated at first, from Bodegas Murillo Viteri we will give you some tips to make your plan a success and everything will be perfect.

1. Choose the wine tasting theme

Choosing the theme of the wines to be tasted is the first and most important step. There are different wine tastings depending on the theme. Some examples are wines from the same appellation of origin, wines from a particular grape or wines from a particular winery. From Bodegas Murillo Viteri we encourage you to discover our different varieties of reds, whites and rosés to compare and differentiate their particular characteristics.

6 tips for wine tasting at home

2. Prepare the wine

Once the theme of the wine tasting has been chosen, we must get down to work. We will start by acquiring the wines. Bear in mind that one bottle will be enough for 8-11 people and that tasting 4 or 5 different types of wine will be enough.

Prepare some tasting notes beforehand, a small sheet for each wine with some curious and relevant information.

3. Don’t forget to have the accessories ready

On the day of the wine tasting, it is important to have all the accessories and tools ready so that the evening goes perfectly. The tablecloths should be white, in order to be able to better differentiate the colours and nuances of each wine.

As for the containers, it is essential to carry out the tasting in transparent crystal glasses in order to be able to appreciate the colour well. Even so, we do not advise you to make your life complicated with the type of glass, look for versatility. Don’t forget the corkscrew, napkins and water.

6 tips for wine tasting at home

4. At the moment of serving the wine

To start the wine tasting, it is necessary to take into account some previous preparations. The temperature of the wines is important, as it will have a significant influence on their taste. We recommend serving white and rosé wines at a temperature between 6º and 8º and red wines between 17º and 20º, for young or aged wines respectively.

5. Pairing ideas

For a good wine tasting, it is advisable to accompany the evening with an aperitif. Put a few bowls with white bread or picks to eat between glasses, as they will help you to change the flavour. As for the food afterwards, a good alternative is to choose products from the same region as the wine. When in doubt, cheese, dates, Iberian cured meats or foie gras are a safe bet.

6 tips for wine tasting at home

6. Taste and follow

At the beginning of the tasting, the technique is to always follow three stages: colour, smell (before and after moving the glass) and taste. As for the order of the wines, this should be done according to the vintage or the characteristics of the wine; whites before reds, and young wines before crianzas or reservas. An idea to make it more fun is to cover the bottles with a cloth or aluminium foil and do the tasting blind. Give each friend a piece of paper to make tasting notes and/or rate the wine.

The important thing is to have fun!

tips home wine tasting

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