The ageing of Rioja red wine in the bottle

The evolution of wine in the bottle

Today we are going to talk to you about a process that all the red wines we make at Bodegas Murillo Viteri go through after their time in barrels: ageing in the bottle.

Once bottled, the wine follows a natural evolution with important changes influenced by the reductive environment in which it is found. At this stage, our wines improve and become more complex and elegant.

The polyphenolic composition of the wine is conditioned by the quality of the grapes and the vinification system used. These are fundamental factors for the subsequent evolution in the bottle.

The wines must necessarily spend some time in silence, in semi-darkness and at rest at a stable temperature in the cellar. This stage of red wine ageing in the bottle is crucial. It is during these months of waiting that the wine will finish rounding out and acquire complex olfactory sensations.

Our oenologists, Iñaki and Patxi, are in charge of a rigorous quality control through tastings and analysis, until they determine the ideal moment for its release to the market.

Once on the market, the wines can continue to grow between 6 years for the Rioja Crianza Murillo Viteri wine and 10 years for our Rioja Reserva Murillo Viteri. This phase will also depend on the internal factors of the wine and the external storage conditions of each bottle.

The ageing of Rioja red wine in the bottle
Murillo Viteri Reserva is aged for 24 months in the barrel and at least 12 months in the bottle.
Sometimes the wait is worth it… enjoy your wines!

Murillo Viteri – Rioja Wines

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