How many mineral salts does a glass of Rioja wine contain?

Mineral salts and wine

Wine contains mineral salts, vitamins, trace elements and is therefore a complete foodstuff that provides us with nutrients and energy. As a result of the fermentation of grape must, wine is made up of the grape’s own substances that are formed during fermentation.

The mineral components found in grapes come directly from the soil, which is affected by fertilisers and phytosanitary treatments.

The different types of cultivation and the contact with the processing materials also influence the mineral content.

However, the final product, wine, contains mainly water and alcohol.

To a lesser extent it contains other nutritional substances such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential trace elements.

Rioja wine is therefore a food, and as such it provides us with nutrients and energy.

Concentration of salts in wine

The mineral salts in wine obviously give wine its characteristic salty taste. Wine contains 2 to 4 grams of salts per litre.

The main components of the salts in wine are: iodine, bromine, boron, zinc, phosphates, sulphates, chlorides, sulphites, fluorine, silicon, calcium, etc. Some of these elements are very scarce in commonly consumed foods.

In general, the mineral salts contained in wine are the same as those in the must, with minor differences, although new elements may appear as a result of the treatments applied during production.

The advantages

Among the main advantages of the mineral salts in wine for the organism, we can mention that they produce organoleptic pleasure, favour hydration and quench thirst.

The salts in wine enhance the flavours of other foods, stimulate the appetite through salivation and taste sensations.

They also promote oral hygiene and regulate digestion.

Mineral salts does a glass of Rioja wine
Wine contains 2 to 4 grams of salts per litre.

In general, we can say that the salts in wine are a good dietary supplement.

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